Alex Bego

Visual & Multimedia Direction, Photographer

Russian photographer based in Morocco. Fun, vivacious, thoughtful, he doesn’t drink alcohol and doesn’t smoke, loves sports, loves entertaining, enjoys meeting new people, always learning, handy, professional, middle-aged, mostly healthy, not criminal, pajama wearer. Alex Bego shoots fine art, portraits, fitness with fine-arts background. He traveled to shoot in Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Dubai, Maldives, Malaysia, Europe, etc. Within Russia he traveled frequently to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Rostov and Pyatigorsk. Visit Alex’s news section for regular updates on current projects, travel plans, gigs and publishing schedules as well as e-cards, screen-savers, wallpapers, widgets, iPhone and many other free goodies for fans.

Alex Bego est un photographe russe qui travaille essentiellement en noir et blanc et particulièrement des portraits de sujets masculins. Son rendu oscille entre classicisme et photographie de mode. Alex Bego a parcouru le monde pour les besoins de ses shootings (Inde, Sri Lanka, Indonèsie, Maldives, Dubai ou encore l’Ukraine)


+212 06 76 19 52 31

Casablanca, Morocco


E-mail: alexbego1 [@]